Juvenile Defense

If a child you love is suspected of a crime or is already facing criminal charges, working with a dedicated and experienced Juvenile Attorney is the best way to ensure fair treatment for your child and their future. Obviously, if there’s any place in our criminal justice system we are hoping to see fairness and compassion, it’s in juvenile court.

Olympia Juvenile Defense Attorney

There are too many things unique to juvenile court to put on a short list, but here are some important points:

  • Juveniles have the right under law to demand a trial in their case within 30 days of their arraignment if they are in custody and within 60 days if they are out of custody. This is faster than in adult court, which is 60 days if in custody and 90 if out.
  • A juvenile defense lawyer can find out all relevant family, school, employment, medical, and social circumstances of your juvenile to make an effective presentation to the court at the earliest opportunity to argue for the child’s release from jail while the case is pending.
  • Juvenile trials are “bench trials” (before a judge), not jury trials.
  • Besides a judge/commissioner, prosecutor and defense attorney, there may be a pre-trial probation officer involved in your juvenile’s case. Their job is to monitor your child. The probation officer can play a significant role in whether your juvenile remains in jail or is released pending charges. As an attorney who is experienced in Juvenile Defense cases, I recommend treating this person with respect and being responsive to them. However, statements made to the probation officer are not privileged, meaning they could be used against your loved one to convict them of their charges. It is important that your juvenile not discuss the actual incident they are charged for or their involvement. Any discussion about the actual charged incident should be saved for the juvenile defense lawyer and client.
  • Parents, other relatives, and counselors, etc., are encouraged to go to court. The judge or commissioner often relies on their input.

As a Juvenile Defense Attorney, I am dedicated to protecting the future and freedom of your child. Call (360) 493-2600 for experienced guidance and counsel.

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The Law Office of David Lousteau, PLLC