How Is Domestic Violence Defined in the State of Washington?

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that is made up of different kinds of criminal activities in the state of Washington. If you’re facing domestic violence charges, it’s important to know the actual crime you’ve been charged with and the possible penalties you’re facing if you’re convicted.

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Domestic Violence in Washington

Domestic violence occurs when something happens between one or more members of a family or household. It could include former or current spouses or romantic partners, adults related by blood or marriage, siblings, or someone you have a child with. The crimes that occur include stalking, assault (and sexual assault), bodily injury, physical harm, making someone fearful of physical harm, assault, or bodily injury. Essentially, all you have to do is threaten someone to possibly face domestic violence charges.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Washington

If you are convicted of domestic violence, you could be handed a misdemeanor or felony, and the penalties vary from up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine to several years in prison and even higher fines. You could also have to abide by a restraining order, not be able to see your children, be required to attend a domestic violence class, and more. That’s why it’s critical to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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